Ear like it's blocked, Try this ear medicine

Have you ever felt like your ears are blocked? This condition certainly makes you feel uncomfortable and disrupt activities. Blocked ears can be overcome in certain ways or taking ear medicine. However, you must know the cause first. Problems with the ear, such as feeling blocked, can occur due to several things. Among these are sinusitis, colds, allergies, or due to changes in altitude when boarding a plane. To understand more about the various causes of the ear such as congestion, you can listen to the review below. Sinus Blockage Sinus cavity and ear canal are connected inside the head. As a result, a sinus blockage, which is usually accompanied by a blocked nose, can affect the pressure inside the ear. Ear congestion due to sinus can be relieved by: Exhale air from the nose gently. The trick, close one of the nostrils and expel air through the nose. Spray a nasal rinse solution from salt water to help thin the mucus, or put a warm compress cloth on the face several times a
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